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In the News | November 4, 2021

New Zealand’s place on the Western Front on the way

The Rugby World Cup (RWC) final will be played in Paris in late October 2023. While the participants, nor the victors, can be foretold hopefully the prediction that Kiwis will again be travelling to follow the tournament can be more certain.

It’s also probable if Kiwis are travelling in France, that many of them will take the time to visit some of the World War One (WWI) Commonwealth War Graves Cemeteries.

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In the News | April 25, 2021

Anzac Day 2021: Do you know your people and what they went through?

He aha te mea nui o te ao? (What is the most important thing in the world?) He tangata, he tangata, he tangata (It is the people, it is the people, it is the people).

Who are your people? On this of all days, that Māori proverb resonates. When you muse on world wars, it can feel overwhelming when you think of the sheer number of people who died. But if you bring it down to the very core, it is about individuals.

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In the News | March 14, 2021

Nelson fundraiser for war museum with French connection

A museum in France will be built with the help of Nelson College old boys, celebrating connections forged in World War I.

Nelson college old boy, former deputy prime minister and former secretary-general of the commonwealth Sir Don McKinnon is helping to raise funds for the long-running project in his role as the chair of the New Zealand Memorial Museum – Le Quesnoy Trust.

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In the News | November 16, 2018

Le Quesnoy liberation celebrations get under way in Cambridge

The 100th anniversary of the liberation of Le Quesnoy in World War I was marked in Cambridge with a special remembrance of light, song, sounds, art and celebration.

It saw Cambridge Town Hall’s front transformed into a temporary movie screen as a giant projector showed a 3½-minute long movie using footage of WWI.

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In the News | November 5, 2018

Thousands turn out to mark centenary of New Zealand liberation of French town Le Quesnoy

A hundred years ago, towards the end of World War I, New Zealand soldiers liberated a small French town – and they have not forgotten it.

On Sunday in Le Quesnoy, New Zealanders and French locals alike gathered to remember the 4th Battalion, New Zealand Rifle Brigade, who used ladders to scale the fortress defences of Le Quesnoy (pronounced “ken wah”) on November 4, 1918.

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In the News | October 31, 2018

The Liberation of Le Quesnoy: First man over the wall – How Kiwi soldiers rescued French town in WWI

On November 4 in 1918, New Zealand soldiers liberated the small French town of Le Quesnoy. We look at this little-known part of our history and the links that endure 100 years on.

Say the name Leslie Averill in Le Quesnoy and the locals will point you to the pre-school and the road opposite. Both are named after the New Zealander who first stepped foot inside this Northern French town 100 years ago, in a quest to free it from four years of German occupation in World War I.

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